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Enduring Client Relationships Define our Success

Our Financial Advisory Services Include:



Today’s global environment has elevated the importance of valuations that support financial reporting, tax planning, litigation, and mergers and acquisitions.  Grace Global Capital’s valuation services team provides thorough, independent valuation analyses together with superior client service and responsiveness. We produce comprehensive analyses and deliverables that reflect our technical depth and extensive experience with complex valuation issues.

We provide thorough, supportable analyses and deliverables that surpass quantitative modeling to document the “story” behind the business being valued. Our analyses combine a detailed understanding of the business, industry and economic context, with the insight to address complex valuation issues regarding your business. Our services include valuations for:

  • Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures: Assist with pricing potential transactions and analyzing potential impacts on earnings

  • Strategic Planning: Provide valuation advice for investment and capital expenditure assessment

  • Expert testimony: Support litigation and arbitration disputes

  • Asset Valuations and Analyses



Our approach to financial due diligence is structured to help you identify key value drivers, synergies, integration matters while evaluating areas of concern and risk.


Financial statement fundamentals, including the quality of earnings, are the beginning of the process. We also analyze key business and operational trends to help you better understand the performance of the business and provide detailed answers to complicated questions. 


Assessing financial assumptions, quantifying risks and opportunities, and translating financial information into decision-enabling intelligence are the cornerstones of our due diligence process.


Active Senior Level Involvement.  Each engagement is managed to ensure the execution of a well-planned due diligence process. Teams are assembled based on your unique situation and deployed at a moment’s notice. 

Relationship Driven. We approach each engagement as a unique transaction and develop a

customized scope of services, targeted to your specific needs.  Our M&A advisory services are scalable for domestic and international assignments.

Our M&A services include the following:


  • Assess quality of earnings

  • Analyze working capital 

  • Quantify risks, opportunities, synergies and integration matters

  • Evaluate purchase price adjustments

  • Review tax, compensation and benefits, controls and risk


  • Assess quality of earnings 

  • Validate management adjustments 

  • Identify and address issues upfront 

  • Collaborate with attorneys, actuaries other advisors 

  • Provide ongoing support to management​

Working with sellers to prepare the company for sale and provide information to buyers, sell-side due diligence helps to:

  • Increase enterprise value

  • Increase certainty to close

  • Increase speed to close

Working with private equity and other buyers to robustly analyze and assess the target’s business, company management, income statement and balance sheet, we advise our clients and support the transaction process.



Grace Global Capital is an investment banking and  financial advisory firm which specializes in insurance mergers and acquisitions, including Form A filings, strategic planning and recommendations, competitive review and analysis, valuation, analysis of acquisition targets and acquirers, due diligence, and post-acquisition financial analysis.   Our client includes state insurance departments, attorney generals, and insurance companies.

Our firm has unparalleled expertise and experience in advising insurance regulators in connection with Form A filings. We believe that our experience with regulators and insurance companies, in connection with demutualizations, mergers, acquisitions and public offerings, demonstrates our comprehensive knowledge of transaction issues, professionalism and strong commitment to client service.

Meaningful Work, Enduring Relationships, Lasting Value — At Grace Global Capital, we customize a tailed, focused, technology-driven, risk-based, methodology for each client. Our service approach emphasizes timely and responsive communication, as well as technical skills and deep knowledge of regulatory requirements. We keep our focus on the impact to policyholders.  Even more important, our professionals work closely with you to understand your particular processes and goals. The accessibility and involvement of our senior managing director set us apart from the competition.

Highly satisfied clients and enduring client relationships define our success. Beyond political cycles and across business cycles, we deliver objective, timely, accurate, insightful, high-quality services to our regulatory clients.

Independent, Experienced and Insightful — It all comes together at Grace Global Capital to assist you with the process of reviewing complex transactions and understanding the financial impact to the policyholders.

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